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Author Bio

Skater In The Sky is the story of Franky Belsen, an eighteen-year old whose only ambition is to become the first non-Italian member of the Mafia in the history of Newark, New Jersey. On the surface, it is a roller coaster ride of self-delusion, dashed dreams, crime, violence and sexuality. At its core, it is an hour by hour, day by day look at the often tragic, desperate lives of the urban poor; especially those living in public housing projects.

I've been a storyteller all my life.

I was born in the Central Ward of Newark, and spent my formative years in a public housing project in that city-with all the attending problems and issues experienced by the Urban Poor everywhere. My family was fortunate enough to move to West Orange, New Jersey in my junior year of high school, which is where I began to experience an entirely different world and way of life. I missed serving in Vietnam because of a turn of luck, and worked in various jobs as a laborer or factory worker for a number of years. I moved to Greenwich Village at the age of 21, where I experienced yet another new world and way of life. I was born a bohemian misfit and continue to be one to this day. In my heart I am a Berkeley guy, went to school and lived there for 40 years. I also lived in Ibiza in the early 70's and in Sayulita, Mexico for 15 years. I just keep seeking out my Tribe, wherever in the world I can find them. After being a starving artist for a dozen years, I endured one of those legendary publishing roller coaster rides, which ended in disappointment. I found my way into the business side of art and became an art dealer, where I experienced some success. Now, at the age of 78, when asked what it is I do, I can proudly reply, I am a writer. Life is good, life is great! My only wish now is that my work be entertaining as well as enlightening. 


Jack Lieberum

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