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Two very interesting, recent cultural phenomena have seemingly opened the national floodgates for people of every age and gender to not only recall but openly express to other s, long suppressed memories of traumatic experiences. In my case, these phenomena provided the spark for me to finally write a short story about experiences I have kept hidden in the deepest recesses of my mind for as long as seventy years. The first phenomenon was the very public trial wherein Donald Trump sued E. Jean Carroll for defamation. Her courage, conviction and sheer eloquence has led to Mr. Trump being convicted of sexual assault. I have loosely followed the aftermath and was especially moved by tv interviews of Ms. Carroll and her attorney, in which they discuss the various travails and emotional obstacles that this singularly brave, remarkable woman has overcome. The most striking thing for me is the collective outpouring of so many people who were moved enough by her experience to finally find the courage to talk about their own repressed memories of personal trauma.

The second phenomenon is the remarkable success of a best-selling book by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D., entitled: The Body Keeps The Score. This book greatly expands the subject of personal trauma and abuse to include not only combat related PTSD, but devastating accidents and abuse by family members, acquaintances and strangers alike.

One of the short stories in my soon to be published collection entitled: The Building Five Stories; is one that describes four incidents, each separated by a few years, of one boy’s experiences with pedophiles. The title of that story is The Guys With The Eyes - Click here to read.



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